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Wow, Meth is amazing at making me waste time on stupid shit.

Decided to snort some meth last night, so what do I do with all this energy? Well I decided I’d really prefer to smoke my meth but I don’t have a meth pipe so I had to improvise. Ran to the store and got a lightbulb then came back home and got to work. This was an LED bulb as the store didn’t sell ANY incandescent that would work anymore, oh and I lost my needlenose pliers so I had to use the wrong tools to get this bitch open. Since it was an LED bulb it had a ton of electronics to pull out and was a bitch to get apart.. 2 hours later I finally have the stupid thing gutted and the adhesive cleaned off. I put some little shards in there and fire it up and I fucking burned my meth and hardly got anything out of it. Added some more meth, got a weak ass hit, then burnt it again. Then my fucking bulb cracked. So all in all I spent about 4 hours trying to smoke meth out of a lightbulb, only to get a few weak ass hits, waste my drugs, and break the damn thing. I could see this drug being useful for productivity, but it’s also kinda not. It’s like Adderall on meth.

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