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Will I ever make it?

They told me it was dangerous but hey, I’m a big girl, right? It just all happened so damn quickly… Tried meth for the first time in September at a sex party. At first I felt nothing but at some point I could notice that I was way hornier than usual (and I am no saint so that means horny as fuck). They told me it’s a dangerous drugs and that I was supposed to spend months without using it as it is really addictive and I was determined to do it. But soon someone else offered it to me and I thought it was ok. Again that wonderful feeling, it just so enhance my submissive side and I’d do anything when I am high and that night I found out at my expenses: the next morning as soon asI remember that the night before I let that guy bareback me, I started crying and couldn’t stop. Be strong girl, you did a mistake, can’t hate yourself forever for this: lesson learned and carry on. But then it happen again and again and again. And soon I started buying it and taking it before going on a date because I wanted to be extra horny, extra slutty, extra everything. Soon there was no need for a date, I just took it, log in on the thousand xxx rated site I am in and look for guys. The messages I sent them…oh it was so obvious that I was a vulnerable girl willing to do anything for a bit of attention. The horrible things they made me or made me do, you really don’t wanna know. Videos of me high getting used and abused are all over the Internet and I can’t help but keep on checking the comment people make about me and feel misarable. So now I have no friends, my skin has turned from wonderful to dry like a nut in the desert, I am broke and my house is a mess. All guys know me and no one want to have sweet vanilla sex with me: they only see me as the whore to degrade. And so this is it, another guy, another night of madness and I am on my toilet floor, my hair soaked in piss and the words of that guy on a fucking loop in my brain “can’t wait to upload this video and show everyone what a dirty slut I fucked tonight”. That’s why I took my phone and shared this with a bunch of strangers: I will never make it, will never be the joyfull beautiful girl I was and the only good thing that could ever happen to me is to finally stop thinking about suicide and just do it once for all. But if I can save someone else that would be great… So guys, don’t use that shit, it will ruin you and destroy your life. People that love you will suffer, your body will get old so fast and everybody will judge you without even try to understand you. Don’t let that bloody first time happen. If you are reading this and want to reach me and see I don’t reply your comments, I might be dead: don’t let my death be worthless, think about my words and save your own life. Best of luck to you all.

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