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What was this guy on

I hired a concrete company to redo a driveway in my front yard. It got fucked up from storm damage or whatever.

Well the concrete guys came and did the work on time, on budget, did an amazing job.

Well I was smoking weed in the basement and one of the guys says he accepts gifts.

I rolled all three of the concrete guys a large joint each and said “here you go! This looks gorgeous!”

They went and finished the job. Well I asked for one small thing to be done at the end and offered to pay extra since that’s generally a dick thing to ask of someone.

So one of the three guys (keep in mind all three smoked with me) says he doesn’t want extra cash, but instead wanted to pick three green tomatoes off of one of my tomato plants. He was very explicit and clear.

I said “ok fuck yeah man, that’ll work”. So he goes and digs the hole. Then he goes over to one of my tomato plants, grabs three nickel sized green tomatoes and throws them in the hole he just dug. After that, he comes back, takes my money, grabs an entire tomato PLANT (they’re in pots), gets in his giant dump truck (complete with a 10 foot trailer on the back with a bobcat and a six foot tomato plant now).

I have no idea why on earth he would do that. The hole got filled with concrete so there was no fucking way they would ever grow. Seeing some sweaty dude run off with a tomato plant, strapping it down on a trailer then driving off might have been the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

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