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Went to a stranger house to smoke weed, ended up taking pills

It’s not the most incredible story, but definetly one of the best night i had lately. Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.

I recently installed an app called “Jodel” . It’s a kind of forum, where you can post and see the posts from people 10 kilometers around. A person asked on the app if someone want to smoke pot with her, and obviously i couldn’t say no to this offer. We exchange our telegram usernames, and the girl told me i can come over her place. I told here that she is brave to invite strangers over, but she tells me that she can easily spot creepy people and can defend herself so she doesn’t worry.

Fast forward the end of the afternoon, i went to her place and notice there is a pair of DJ-decks. Naturally we begin talking about music, and found out we both are fans of techno/trance. As you may know, the drug is omnipresent in this scene, so we begin to talk about drugs.

After a few hours of blazing Pascal and chatting, she told me that a friend of her will come over and they planned to spend the night taking xtc & listening to some music and i can stay with them if i want to. I usually don’t take drugs outside of raves/clubs, so i told her that i would love to stay but don’t know yet if i’ll drop a pill or not.

Her friend arrive at 9 pm, we drink a few beers and then asked me if i want to drop a pill. A little bit tipsy, i told myself i have nothing to lose and swallow a half. Then we slowly begin to get high, and started to have deep conversations about life while listening amazing music. We did that for the rest of the night, we all discovered some amazing songs. I can’t exactly remember what we talked about, but it was very deep and comforting. At 6 am, we all begin to get tired so i took an uber to get home.

Honestly they were the the most amazing people i’ve met lately, it restored my faith in humanity. If you have the occasion, it’s very interesting to take drugs with people you don’t know, 100% would recommend. We exchanged contact and will meet up again soon, glad i had some new druggies friends 🙂

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