Weed as a gateway drug


Hi /r/drugs.

Thought that I’ve had many times. Figured I would share it.

Everyone says that weed is a gateway drug. And while I don’t think that’s explicitly true, there is some merit to it. Hear me out.

Your whole life, up until smoking weed, you were likely told that drugs are bad, and will kill you. Then one day, you’re out with a friend who is into that shit and he offers you some. You say fuck it and get high. It’s then you start to realise that you were lied to. Sure, you recognise that some drugs are harmful. But you start to notice the propaganda and the misconceptions following the war on drugs. This is the gateway.

Because now you know one ‘killer’ drug is safe, you start to become more open minded. This may then lead to you trying more drugs.

I realise that weed isn’t often seen as killer, but it’s still heavily (although less so now) condemned under the anti-drugs umbrella.

Edit: thought i should clarify this is just a thought, rather than a hate post. I fucking love weed lmao

Edit 2: probably should have summarised that I believe weed is somewhat of a gateway drug by proxy – and that lies/war on drugs is the actual gateway

Edit 3: obviously this is anecdotal, and only one of the many factors. I understand that. This is just my theory on one of them

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Date: June 4, 2019