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Trying LSA for the first time

Hello, today is the day i get to try LSA 🙂 I allready have my experiences why what i call tour traditional psych (Shrooms,1P-LSD,2CB,mescaline) My dose of choise is right about 5g dried cubes/200-250ug)

Today is the day i try LSA. I crushed 12 HBW seeds in distilated water and 4h in fridge to extract and then i “MouthWash” it for 18min. In fear of nothing happening since i’m a big guy of 80Kg i decided to chew 4 seed for 15min, keep saliva and spit.

Now the waiting game… wish me visuals 🙂

Update1: its been 90 minutes and nothing so far, not even the chills or laugh or headspace i get before any psych journey… idk but i think it just wont be as big as i excepted 🙁 i think i might just eat and swallow 6 mores to feel something at least

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