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True story’s of a festival drug dealer

For about a solid 7 months, almost every weekend, I was the random guy walking up to your campsite selling “party favors”. From New York State to Florida to the Midwest, I was at the biggest festivals. I always carried ketamine, LSD, and either pressed MDMA or some super dark sass with a nearly unlimited supply on site. I always tested it in front of my customers on request. I had pairs of shorts that I had to throw away from the amount of burn holes from a dripping a test kit.

Me and my crew were 100% sober every time we worked. We used fake names. Burner phones. Always ready at a split second to sucker punch security or a cop and dip the fuck out. It was a pure adrenaline high. Walking around with multiple felony’s and thousands of dollars, phone blowing up, head on a swivel.

We had rules.

1)You NEVER sell anywhere near our campsite. (This rule was broken once and resulted in a crew member being cuffed and searched, but by luck and some clever maneuvering being released)

2)Only approach camp sites during the day (9-3pm prime selling hours)

4) return to base to drop off cash every few hours. Don’t want something to happen with a backpack full of profits.

3) usually when meeting a returning customer at night bring someone with you. Have the customer meet you in a well lit area and sit back and observe them before making the sale.

4) always maintain 100% clear head and be stone cold sober during business hours.

5) always leave the festival Saturday night or Sunday morning.

We operated like a well oiled machine. Getting the sheer amount of drugs across several states and past security was challenging enough. Let alone personally moving it all sale by sale. Customers consciously or subconsciously determine your trustworthiness by your demeanor and vibe. You have to be calm cool and collective. It was both terrifying and thrilling. I told myself I would stop so many times but the money and adrenaline and being “the plug” was addictive. I have so many great story’s from this time. Gauging the reaction from this post, I would gladly tell some of the best ones.

Second story here

Story #3

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