Took 2.5 year old ecstacy pill and drank later. Am I going to die?


Hey all.

Just to introduce myself, I am a casual smoker but I have had my hands on this ecstacy pill from college. My girlfriend and I wanted to go out tonight to a local band and decided to take half of it each.

We looked it up and saw the MasterCard pill on You can see the results yourself, but the person who I got it from back then has taken them before and assured me it was pure MDMA. I honestly can’t trust him 100% and I know it was dumb but we did it anyways.

We ended up going out at 19:00 and drank until about 23:00 it is now 01:14. We never felt the MDMA but ended up very drunk. We came home and sobered up from the alcohol and have no symptoms. Unless we don’t know what to look out for.

We are just worried that something will happen to us. I guess we watched too much of “Chubbyemu”

Edit: We have taken pure MDMA before in 2016. We didn’t feel the same way at all, or noticed anything.

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Date: June 18, 2019