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Too Much Amphetamine…

50mg adderall saturday night, 3 hours of sleep. 80mg on sunday. Got about 6 hours of sleep. 90mg of adderall starting on monday morning, and finished my night off with 120mg of Vyvanse, currently still on the vyvanse. Ive only eaten twice since Saturday night. Absolutely cannot sleep, anxiety through the roof, jittery as hell, headache, vision and depth perception is off, my thoughts are all jumbled around, heart is popping outta my chest. Its been 10 hours since i took the dose of vyvanse. Anyone that has gone through this shit wanna help me through this?

Edit: After about an 3 hours of feeling like im gonna die (10 min after i got done talking to everyone), i fell asleep and slept like a DAMN BABY. Literally after food and sleep every bad thing went away. Now it feels like im coming down from a heavy LSD trip and everything is peaceful. Thank you for everyone that helped calm me down and walked me through this. DONT FUCKING OVER SERVE YOURSELF WITH STIMS.

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