Thoughts on smaller bongs?

More asking Australian smokers or anyone who smokes cones, but any advice is appreciated.

So basically my local shop has a small glassy that’s about 3/4 of the size of a Gatorade bottle for $15 and one that’s about a gator plus 1/4 for $25. Ideally I’d like one the same size as a gator but they don’t have them so.

Anyway I was wondering what people’s experiences are with either bongs around that size and which one would be better (usually smoke 50:50 mix if that makes a difference).

Which one would you say is the better option for punching cones. As I’m pretty strapped for cash the smaller one is more tempting but I’ve got a couple concerns, do they splash back much, do they pull easy etc.

Cheers heaps, really needa upgrade from the gator if I’m smoking daily.

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