Snorting 2c-b

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So i snorted 2c-b this evening. While i’m writing this i’m still tripping… HARD.

Disclaimer : never snort 2c-b it’s the worst thing imaginable. Your nose is completely blocked for half an hour, like no airflow at all.

Luckely as the trip graduadly progresses the pain and irritaringness of the noses decreases.

My opninion is to never snort this stuff, just take it orally. It’s the second day in a row that i have consumed 2c-b, coincedentally it was evening when i wanted to trip again so snorting sounded as a great idea.

So i snorted it hella pain in ma nose. Litterally cried my eyes out. Sneezed a small amount of blood. Then this irritating feeling came up. Imagine a normal 40mg 2c-b come-up and enhance that feeling. The feeling of the trip while snorting 2c-b is just really unnerving and irritating. The visuals where not that much, but the lingering feeling of uneasyness by snorting the 2c-b is not comfertable at all.

So i suggest to never put this in your nose. It’s way more pleasant to take it orally.

Also after an hour to an hour and a half the come-down had started.

Oh my what a ramble this has become. My first language isn’t english. Sorry for this shitty update snorting 2c-b just gives you a kind of shitty unpleasent restless trip.

I should stop writing at this point. I hope you al find this awfull post helpfull to never do this. Bye.

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