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Sitting here about to fail the drug test for my job.

So backstory I don’t even have the job yet but I have spent around 150 bucks for training and my uniform. I haven’t smoked in about 2 weeks so I thought it would be fine but yesterday I tested myself and it showed up for THC. So I decided to use my friends urine to help me pass the test. I walk into the drug testing place and they tell me to empty my pockets so I did( I was hiding the pee in my underwear). I was certain this would work because I had heated up the urine before hand with hand warmers and running hot water over my pee bottle. After I took the test she said “Trisha get in here I think I’m going insane” she then dumped the pee in the toilet because it wasn’t in the right temperature range and demanded me to sit back down in the eating room and go again. I’m sitting here right now writing this. I know I’m going to fail since I just tested myself yesterday. The hardest part is gona be telling my mom who drove me to the test today(I’m 16). She was so proud of me that I got my first job and now I feel like a dick. Weed has helped me out so much and now it’s gona be the reason that I’m gona lose my first job( all I have to do is pass this test and i get the job since I’ve done all 4 days of training) Wish me luck boys because right now I’m going in to pee and fail the old fashioned way like a man. I fucking hate Texas.

Edit: Thank you all for supporting me but I did the test and they didn’t say a thing. They just told me to sign on all of these documents and I left. I’m hoping that nothing showed up but deep down I’m waiting for that phone call telling me the news. Still not gona tell my mom until it is confirmed.

Edit2: Sorry for not replying. I was away from my phone almost the entire day because right after the drug test I actually went to the job since they actually scheduled me to work that day.

As soon as I walk in they asked me if I had done the drug test and I told them I had. They don’t know that I likely failed the test, since I dont even know yet. I’m pretty sure they did send my pee to the lab because I saw them actually packaging it but again they didn’t say a word to me but “sign here”.

I can understand why they tested me since the job I’m going for is lifeguarding. I met a lot of nice people at work and hopefully they can look past that I failed the test, but again I haven’t smoked in two weeks. Before I had been smoking multiple times a day.

I know that a sixteen year old should not be smoking but I also think weed can help high schoolers the most. Constant anxiety. The feeling that you have to please everyone. I know that life is gona be a climb but weed let me sit back and enjoy the view. To admire what I’ve done as a human and not and make relationships with people that will outlast a fucking diploma. Weed let me be the person I am rather than the person society shoved me into being. That is why I smoke as a 16 year old.

As for the job I have a few options. I can demand that they retest me and try to finesse it like I did the first time or I can say fuck this job and get a new one.

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