Safe drug use

Just a reminder for everyone not to fall into the “drugs are evil never do drugs marijuana will kill you” mindset, but also do not fall into the “most drugs can do no harm, not all drugs are addictive, I’ll be fine” mindset. I may get a lot of hate for this.

While it’s true, a lot of drugs may do no harm, they are still drugs, they still effect youre brain. Take MDMA for example, so many “hero’s” on here talking about them using 1g every weekend and how it doesn’t effect them and that it doesn’t matter because it’s not addictive. I took MDMA for the first time at a stupid dose of around 500 mg, then 2 days later I took another 200, minor effects were noticeable everyday after this and it will most definitely fry your brain over the years if you’re not careful and don’t stick to the 3 month rule or something along those lines.

With Psychedelics, I took a few high doses within a couple of weeks, now don’t get me wrong I love psychedelics, but after the third mushroom trip everything was just boring, I have no desire to listen to music anymore and my brain works a lot slower now (more so from the mdma I’d think).

So I guess just don’t go into doing drugs with the mindset of “who cares I’ll be fine it’s not meth or heroin”. Although a lot of drugs are not physically addictive, they can be mentally addictive.

Drugs are wonderful, just be smart with them.

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