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Please take MDMA seriously, don’t abuse it!

It’s very sad seeing many “did MDMA fry my brain” or “is MDMA really that dangerous” posts here recently.

For all the people out there wondering if you really should wait 2-3 months between rolls….

Yes you should! I myself went through a little Molly binge recently, rolling every week for about a month or so, and a couple of those times included re-dosing. The first few comedowns weren’t bad, until my last roll. I took probably 400-500mg in one night and a few days later…BAM! Total nightmare. Dissociation, lethargy, extreme depression, trouble breathing, etc. I would NEVER wish it upon anyone. This is what happens when you don’t wait the recommended 2-3 months. It catches up to you!

I’ve seen it in my friends and people I know too – being an “E-tard” IS a thing. People I know have been on extreme Molly binges look very zombie-like, have trouble communicating and just act very slow. This is not the case for all, but I’ve observed this in most. And for the love of God please don’t forget about your teeth! A lot of E tards I know are missing a lot of their teeth from all the gurning they were doing for many weeks. You DONT want dentures at the age of 25!!

Please take MDMA seriously and use it responsibly. It’s not that hard…

Test it, take a reasonable dose, don’t redose unless you’re experienced, and only use once every 2-3 months (1 month minimum, and even that is pushing it). Molly is amazing just keep in mind you have to be careful, just like with any drug.

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