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Partner going through possible psychosis from speed, help

I really don’t know where to go to ask this, but these last few days have been a complete mess. My partner and I decided to hang out with my coworker, one thing lead to another and it turned into us 3 having a party. My coworker had speed and my partner and I decided to give it a go. We had a great time and everything was going well

Half way through the night my partner after drinking and many bumps of speed is passed out in a ball on the couch next to me. What still blows my mind is that a while before he was the most energetic in the room and all over the place, when we all did the same amount and I am half his weight.

He sat there in pretty much a coma for hours, covered in sweat, shaking and sleeping. I only was able to wake him up for a short period here and there throughout the night and he would mumble that he is ok and to pretty much leave him alone. I sat next to him the whole night worried sick and kept watching him to make sure he would be ok. I think to some extent I was stressing for no reason because later that day he woke up just fine.

My coworker and I ended up watching Netflix for the rest of the night and just talking. While he sat across from us on the chair

Shortly after leaving, my partner is acting extremely weird and starts calling me and slut and saying that he listened to us have sex and talk dirty for hours while he pretended to be asleep.

He is convinced I came on his socks? That I was making out with my coworker over his body. And that we fucked on the floor for hours right below him with a bunch of other wild accusations.

Nothing I do or say is getting through to him. He broke up with me, threatened and tried to break my Nintendo switch over his knee, and informed a bunch of people that I cheated on him. And I had to leave our house. These last few previous weeks he has been oddly paranoid about friends talking behind his back. Taped the door because he is scared the corona virus is gonna get through, forbidding me to go outside by myself, needing my location services on so he can see where i am 24/7, and broke all our plates, made me put our phone in the microwave and turn them off so he could tell me he feels weird vibrations in his head? I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because the state of the world is pretty scary and stressful. I have never seen him like this. But now this???? I don’t know if the speed could of triggered a full on breakdown, but he only got this delusional after the party. He has pretty much always been level headed and he is falling apart.

I’m so worried about him and us. I have informed my coworker of what is going on, while having our friends there and been trying to get my partner for all of us to talk. I’m currently staying with friends who realize how absurd this is and are all worried for him. He refuses to listen to me or talk face to face with anyone. He is so caught up in this delusion. We are ending a 2 year relationship over psychosis.

I’m sorry if there are any typos, I’m a mess and so stressed from this. Any Advice would be appreciated…

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