Grindr date nutted in my vape, then put meth in my vape, and finally hit the meth/nut RDA while I fucked him in the ass.

I don’t really do hookups.

…with girls that is.

I met this dude on Grindr, but I actually knew him from a college thing.

The only reason I have any evidence of this is a cell phone video I have of me fucking this dude.

So let’s play by play:

1.) As I’m making him cum you can see some of his jizz land square on my RDA and mod on the edge of the bedside table.

I can legit watch it drip down the drip tip. The fucking flash makes it glisten.

2.) Then, I’m prepping for round two in the bathroom but CAMERA IS ON, 2 cameras actually, both auto backup to the cloud.

This is for 2 very good reasons.

1.) I don’t want to get murdered. Or at least let someone get away with murdering me.

2.) Because I have a video of a naked twink crushing crystal meth, pouring it into my RDA and squirting liquid in top, shaking (HE SHOOK THE VAPE, THE RDA/MOD. FUCKING CRYSTALS WENT FLYING EVERYWHERE), and setting my vape down right beside the bed

I got ready to top him again, I’m sliding in when I feel him coughing (you feel that when you’re in someone’s ass).

I eventually heard him coughing and see my vape in his hand and wonder wtf is going on, but I quickly push the dude out of my apartment and go to bed.

I’m glad I checked the video before I hit my vape.

Also I don’t do meth at all or any stimulants, so I would’ve been not in a good place seeing how much the dude dumped into my RDA.

TL;DR Grindr date nutted in my vape, then put meth in my vape while I was in the bathroom, and finally hit the meth/nut RDA while I fucked him in the ass. I have the entire thing on video or I would never have known

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Cannabis use related to taste?

Recently I’ve noticed that some foods that I used to love don’t taste the same. They taste more bland or just less flavorful. My smoking habits have also increased recently and I was wondering the two were related. Now this change may just be due to time, my mom using different ingredients/recipes, or other factors but has anyone experienced this?

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First ever shroom trip!!

Some background, I had recently made a new group of friends who were into all sorts of drugs. One kid was selling chocolates laced with shrooms, so I decided to get two, one for my girlfriend and I each. He said they were dosed pretty strong, I would guess they were around 2.5 to 3 gs each. I hadn’t done much research on them, I mostly wanted to try them for cool visual effects. I had no idea about the absolutely mind fuck that came with it.

We picked a day where we didn’t have any responsibilities and a house to ourselves for several hours and each eat a chocolate sometime in the early afternoon. One was white chocolate and the other dark, so we had a fight over who got to eat the white one. I won that fight and enjoyed my tasty victory. Anyways, I was told that not eating beforehand and drinking orange juice makes you trip harder, so we did both of those things.

After about an hour we were just chilling in bed and I started to notice some of the effects. Everything just felt slightly strange, like something wasn’t quite right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I notice the color of the room seems a little brighter, but nothing to crazy. She on the other hand was getting a little upset because she wasn’t feeling anything at all yet while I was. Being the huge potheads we were at that time, we decided to smoke some weed to get things going. This is when things got interesting real fast.

We pack a fat bowl and smoke that shit out of it. About 10 minutes after we are laying on the bed and someone must of said something funny cause we are hit with a classic case of the giggles. We could just not stop laughing. Suddenly I start to feel a little uneasy and stop laughing. I was laid on my side and then turned around to look at her. When I do, I see her eyes terrifyingly trail all down her face. It looked as if she had a no face and 10 eyes dragged down it! I was amazed and my reaction to this was to start laughing again. I stand up and look around the room, I feel energetic and everything has a cartoonish, slightly rounded nature to it. My thoughts feel like they are racing and I cant quite comprehend them, but I just found everything so damn hilarious, and apparently so did she. We found ourselves rolling around on the carpet having a laughing contest. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was we were laughing about but it was probably something dumb as shit lol.

Then we take a sudden turn for the worst. She exclaims loudly, “I think I’m gonna throw up!” and takes a sprint to the bathroom. I pause for a minute wondering what I should do, and decided to follow her to help out. When I look at her she looks like some weird frog person and that trips me out hard. She’s trying to throw up into the toilet and I decide to sit down on the floor next to her, leaned up against the wall. The next bit of time was not complete comprehensive, I had no perception of time, I would be in one spot then find myself doing something else and not remember moving there, it was as if I was just skipping from moment to moment.

I remember I started freaking out while I was sitting on the floor. I was extremely sweaty and uncomfortable. My heart felt like it was pumping out of my chest and I thought I was losing my mind. I looked down at the floor and saw tiny little worms squirming around everywhere. I thought to myself, “this is it! I am going to die!” breathing heavily I tried to get a wrap around my thoughts but it felt nearly impossible. At another point I found myself staring into the mirror. If you have ever looked in the mirror while tripping you know how surreal that can be. My face slowly morphs and I can see myself in all different perspectives. I spent some time analyzing the design on the shower curtain and the floor tile. I flicked the lights on and off a couple times but that quickly became too much for me to handle.

After a while I was able to regain some of my sanity. I felt like I had a small epiphany and my mind had remembered that I was on drugs and found myself out of that dark place I was in. I had completely forgotten about my girlfriend who was also in the bathroom with me and became aware of her presence again. At this point she was sat on the floor, calling out my name over and over and over again. I wondered how long had she’d been saying my name? (apparently a reallllly long time, like a whole hour before I even noticed.) It was obvious to me she was still in a really dark place. I had found a lot of energy because I realized I had gained control of myself. I didn’t know how to help her, I was pacing back and forth across trying to think of something to say, I figured I just had to wait for her mind to come around.

Then we heard the garage door open, her sister was home (we did not want her to know we were on anything whatsoever.) Instantly my gf snaps to attention. We both finally leave the bathroom. She was able to greet her sister as if nothing had happened at all, we were both completely back to earth. We reconvene back in the bedroom and just look at each other. I start laughing and go “Welcome back!” I check the time, expecting like 30-45 mins to have passed. NOPE, suddenly realize we were losing our shit in the bathroom for 3 whole hours!! We are both just completely confused about what the fuck just happened and how so much time had passed. We talked about some of the things going through our heads and were just shook at our realizations.

The trip is pretty much over at this point, I still had some visual effects and noticed the carpet breathing slightly. The mind trip was over and we decided we were both in the mood for taking a walk and were able to enjoy the after glow outside.

So yeah, my first shroom trip I ended up just losing my mind in the bathroom for 3 hours thinking I was gonna die. Maybe this kind of sounds like a bad trip, I was certainly terrified for awhile, but by the end of it I felt sooo good and thought that was the best thing I ever experienced. This was the first of many trips to come. This happened years ago but I have just been reminiscing about these times and decided I wanted to share some of my stories as they are some of my favorite experiences and still fairly vivid in my memory. Thanks for reading!

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I’m going to rant, anyone want to agree?

Well I haven’t had any weed in about 2 months, because I can’t find a motherfucking dealer, and I noticed something that I found very complexing. Doing heroin and meth and drinking is not as much fun as weed. My god damn depression is back, my life’s a mess, and due to my lack of weed, I have become a cynical asshole. I mean god damn. Does anyone out there think that hard drugs just aren’t as good as weed and LSD? All I want to know.

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Why do most non drug users not understand that people can take drugs just for fun?

I smoke weed and trip occasionally. My mom knows I smoke and doesn’t care too much but whenever the topic comes up she always thinks I’m trying to escape something in my life when in reality I just find drugs fun and find them very interesting. No matter how many times I say this she still will believe that I am not trying to escape from something. So do you guys know anyone like this In your life and how do you deal with it?

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Looking to talk to people who have used a safe consumption space/overdose prevention space/SIF

Hey! I am a journalist working on a story about the struggle to bring overdose prevention sites to the United States. I’ve been able to connect with many wonderful people in the harm reduction community, including many who work at SIFs in Canada and Europe– but I am also hoping to include the voices of regular people who have used these spaces. If you have, and you would be willing to talk to me, I would so appreciate it– I would keep you anonymous if you prefer. If you fit the bill, please DM me.



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It’s crazy that there are drugs nobody knows about

I’ve started reading through Alexander Shulgin’s books “PIHKAL” and “TIHKAL” and I’m seeing a ton of drugs that I had never heard of before and that looked to be amazing. For example, DET is basically like DMT that you can take as a pill (ethyl groups prevent degradation by monoamine oxidase). That would make a version of DMT that can be taken orally by people who take other prescriptions, so they wouldn’t have to worry about the MAOI. There’s another drug called 6-MeO-THH mentioned in TIHKAL, and basically nobody knows anything about it. It’s just kinda wild that there’s stuff we know exists but nobody has tapped into. That’s all, peace y’all

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I get fucking awkward as when I’m stoned

tl;dr when I’m sober I’m outgoing and confident, when I’m stoned I’m anxious and vulnerable, gf says like I’m a different person

When I’m (18M) not smoking I’m outgoing, confident and chill, I can even talk to strangers for ages. when I’m stoned though I get super awkward, I’m not sure if it’s just myself but as soon as I get high my gf has told me that I’m weird and she doesnt like me being stoned around her because im like a diff person. When I’m not smoking I’m not afraid of confrontation or fights really or anything and can carry a conversation but when I’m high I feel completely vulnerable, I cant listen to people because I just zone out and cant carry a conversation at all. If I try to I’ll end up mumbling up my words then forgetting what I was saying it’s like my brains short circuiting and I get really bad anxiety when I’m smoking now

I never used to I could smoke around anyone and just chill but now it’s making me like this and sometimes the effects can carry through to the next day. Can someone tell me how I can counteract this

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What’s your favourite mixture of drugs?

So I have tryed a couple of combination of drugs which all involved weed. I have done weed and alcohol, weed and coke and weed and Xanax they were all pretty fun but with weed and alcohol I felt like as if I was a 3 year old saying what ever was on my mind acting like a idiot. What are your favourite combinations of drugs and why. Or why do u rather not mix? Personally out of the three mixtures I would have to say I do enjoy a bit of weed and Xanax but would like to try weed and coke again as I didn’t do much coke.

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I’m being falsely accused of being a main suspect in the drugging of my friend

So last friday, my school was hosting the last school party of the year; which everyone of course would attend. I decide to pop a pill of ecstacy that i had in my posession (roughly 260-280mg), and have fun for the rest of the night. Fast forward a few hours, one of my other friends also being on a pill kept getting begged by another friend of mine, how he wanted to try it and all that; was his first time. My friend bows down and gives the guy half a pill, although he was legit shitfaced to the point where he was midly aggresive in his manners and all that; and he begs for the rest of the pill which he in the end gets his hands on and consumes, about 5-10 minutes after the first half.

I’m personally having a blast, and i find my friend whose pill finally kicked in.. aggresively. He couldnt stand, could barely speak, fell over all the time and it caught the attention of onlookers who rushed to his aid. I, mistakenly, told the people giving him help that he had taken a pill, and he ends up being escorted out and rushed with an ambulance after literally blacking out every few seconds or so.

Shit hits the fan for me then, the principal finds me and grabs me by the arm and escorts me to a class room, and asks me if i’ve given him drugs; to which i reply no, as i honestly had not. She tells me to empty all my pockets, my bag, etc and scans through it while making me take a drug test that in the end doesent work. I’ve already admitted to taking it, saying “it’s the last party so this guy asked me if i wanted any” etc. She tells me who gave it to me and i told her i couldnt remember, but i could try describing the person although she declined.

She tells me to take care and be careful, and if anything happens or if i begin to feel sick she’d want me to promise that i would call emergency services.

Fast forward to today. Im pulled to talk with my counselor about it, as i am the main suspect of his drugging. I havent done anything besides personally popping the pill, and being honest about it.. He told me they’re desperately trying to find whoever had the pills and when they do he’s getting kicked out(obviously).

Im talking to the principal friday about it all, and being the “main suspect”, with the only proof being what i said about having consumed a pill given by a stranger, and notifying the people taking care of my friend that *might* had been on ecstacy, should i be worried about getting kicked out? im 21 days away from graudating and i honestly would feel the need to end my life, if it comes to that

Im shitting bricks, please help

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Busted a legendary nut on shrooms

Really what else could I say?

Drank some shroom tea about 2 grams of the stuff to be exact. I took a shower and was layin in my bed and started touching the old Yankie Doo.

Push comes to shove or I guess touch comes to Beat The Fuck Out of My Cock Lol and about a half hour later I busted a nut that flew pretty far if I do say so myself.

No alt cuz I don’t give a fuck

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Nobody understands how my highs feel (weed)

Every time I get high with somebody they want to just watch a movie, or they act very calm. Or they says “it’s weed not meth.” No you don’t get it. I don’t want to watch a movie, I just want to be with my mind, I feel the highs so strongly, it’s like I’m in a dream, sometimes I can’t walk for a bit. People think I’m being over dramatic but I’m literally not. It feels like temporary possession sometimes. I love it. That why I keep my tolerance low because I like it to hit me strong. But even people who do it from time to time don’t feel it like I do. It’s annoying because while I’m making ideas and talking about dreams and philosophying they aren’t saying anything. Makes me feel isolated. And when I can’t walk they tell me to just “get up” that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I’m very much an emotional person and have aspergers and hide my mental illness which is severe depression maybe that’s why I act the way I do when I’m high. I don’t know. But I feel alone.

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Caffeine is the most addictive drug for me

I’ve tried a shitload of drugs, including many which are considered highly addictive: cocaine, benzos, opioids, amphetamines, and a whole slew of others. I continue to use amphetamine quite regularly, and benzos on occasion.

Funny enough, caffeine is the only one that I can’t use in moderation. I have to basically cut caffeine out of my life, otherwise I inevitably end up with a several-cup a day coffee habit and terrible withdrawal symptoms when I try to stop. An occasional cup almost always leads to daily, heavy use within just a few days.

I am not in any way trying to diminish severe drug addictions, and I am certainly not saying that caffeine is more addictive or more dangerous than drugs like cocaine and opioids.

I just find it funny that after years of drug use, the only drug that I personally can’t control is fucking coffee.

Can anyone relate?

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