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Official Weekly Free-For-All Thread (Week 24 — June 18, 2019)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly free for all!

For any newcomers, this is a thread where you’re allowed to have friendly conversations about anything (within boundary). The idea is to give fellow drugitors a chance to talk about other things within the community (which would normally be deemed irrelevant/unsuitable to the subreddit).

What would you like to talk about? Just post it!

A few short reminders for the newcomers

  • We have a Discord server! Check us out here!

  • Any drug solicitation, sourcing or linking to vendors for any reason in this subreddit will result in an immediate banning. This includes links to legal drug vendors.

  • Keep discussion civil.

  • Find info about pill testing and drug checking in /r/ReagentTesting

  • If you see anything that might be in conflict with our policy (sourcing, soliciting, insults, trolling, doxxing, spam, etc.), please hit the report button. We can’t properly moderate this subreddit if no one uses the report button because we can’t possibly read everything that gets posted here.

  • Here is the full set of subreddit rules and Guidelines

Thank you very much and enjoy!

One last thing:


It contains tons of information and tools to find the information you need.

And if you’re looking for a test kit vendor check out this wiki on r/ReagentTesting for an up-to-date list (also for fentanyl test strips).

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