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My friend and Mary Jane

My friend has been smoking weed for a couple years and has loved it. However, he has noticed recently that marijuana has become more of a hassle rather than a good experience. He message me this long text describing his experience and I was wondering if any of you have shared a similar experience and why it can happen. Maybe too much THC?
“Everything was going well.
Then I decided to get high. I decided to yield to my craving of being high. I craved being high because that is what I’ve trained my mind to believe is exciting, worthwhile, and even necessary, to experience life to the fullest. But what a deception that is. Marijuana tempts you with her euphoria, heightened senses and creativity. But, do not be fooled. She is a masterful enchanter. While you daze off in this wonderland of serenity, she reaches in your back and robs you of everything you have. She robs you of your feelings. She robs you of your soul and of your empathy. She robs you of your motivation, desire, and work ethic. She robs you of the clarity of thought and the definiteness of purpose needed to make your dreams come true. She robs you of your wholeness and vitality. In the off chance NONE of these things happen to those who indulge in her, she still robs you of your free will and independence, for you become obedient and dependent on her to FEEL and to LIVE. She wins you over, and convinces you that she is worth more than any other person or pursuit. She convinces you the only way to fully live and enjoy a moment, is to be intoxicated by her presence. She convinces you the best way to connect with your higher self, is to connect with her first. She convinces you that man without her does not measure up to the man that is. But what a deception that is. While her company is felt and enjoyed for moments in the conscious, her preoccupation in the subconscious lasts far longer. With time she distorts your perception of reality, of self, and of true purpose. I once was in love with Mary, but she has wronged me since the beginning and today I chose to break free from her bondage and lies. I once was in love with Mary, but now I am not.”


My friend has been a marijuana smoker for years but has come to the conclusion that recently it has done more harm to him than good. I am curious to see if any of you share a similar experience or can give me some advice for him.

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