Kratom is a drug

I think it’s silly when people say things along the lines of “kratom is not a drug it’s a supplement”, “kratom is a plant, not a drug” Its the same idea as saying weed is a plant, not a drug.

Relaxation, Sedation, Energy, Pain relief, Euphpria, Motivation, Visual impairment(sometimes)….All these effects I get from other drugs so I see no difference between kratom and other substances. I know kratom is MUCH safer and has much more potential and functionality to aid someone in everyday life than most substances, but at the end of the day a drug is a drug is a drug.

What are everyone’s thoughts on kratom being a supplement v kratom being a drug? and why do you believe it’s one or the other?

Pardon my phrasing and words. It’s hard for me to articulate my thoughts in a more intelligent manner(I’m working on it tho!)

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