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Katie Kush: Brat Submission

Katie begins her day naked, tied up, and fully available for
what ever her captor wants from her. Derrick begins with some flogging to
redden her skin before shoving his cock all the way down her slutty throat.
He makes good use of her mouth as he goes balls deep, and she just smiles
because she wants to please her master. The intense blowjob and face
fucking continues through the entire scene as Katie mouths off to Derrick,
only to get more face fucking as her punishment. The next scene has Katie in
a doggy style position with her pussy and mouth fully accessible so that he
can use both holes. There is more flogging to keep this brat in line, but as
soon as the pain goes away, she begins smarting off again. She is a tough
learner, but she has a patient trainer who is willing to abuse her holes and
body in order to get his point across. Next Katie finds herself in a missionary
position with her legs spread as far as they will go and her pussy on full
display. Derrick enters with the magic wand and begins to torment her
sensitive pussy with powerful vibrations as he pounds her tight pussy into
submission. Her brattiness overrides any good behavior she has had, so
Derrick decides to use some fear tactics to settle his slut down. This seems
to work briefly, so he goes back to fucking her pussy until he is ready for a
change again. The final scene is where this slut is expected to perform at her
best, and do some of the work, since she has been just taking dick all day.
Katie is used like the slut that she is until Derrick has finally had enough of
her, and blows his load all over her face.

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