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I got blamed for stealing opiates.

Well my SIL had surgery after having her baby and suddenly her pain meds went missing. This wasn’t the first time pills went missing in the house either. Now, my SIL’s husband had foot surgery a year ago in which he was given oxy (I believe) to manage. My first instinct was that he was the culprit. Addiction to that stuff is seriously hard to fight, so it makes sense to me that he would steal it.

Of course nobody wanted to believe it. They all turned on ME. My MIL started asking me questions and accusing me of being the thief. She was extremely angry for weeks, at me. Apparently I “look” like a “junkie that would steal”. WTF. My MIL does know that I’ve done some drugs in the past, but never opioids.

But yeah, being told I just look like I would be the culprit hit pretty hard. I don’t know how to feel because they all started apologizing to me profusely once they caught the husband taking Kratom in the bathroom. I don’t want to forgive them. They can fuck off. But I have to keep peace for my partner.

I just wanted to rant to somebody, so thanks.

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