I believe I have achieved peak self destructive. - CHEAPONLINEPHARMACY24X7.COM

I believe I have achieved peak self destructive.

Regular use of methamphetamine. I can support my habit not a big deal right now. Whenever I eat, putting ice in my body usually makes said food make a posterior exit at Speeds approaching Mach 6. Got kinda hungry and ate a can of baked beans because I fucking love them. (Honestly Bush’s Baked beans are a fucking top tier OMAD meal) I have since drank about a quart of milk and just railed a line of meth.

I accept the risks of everything I do, and have accepted the dysentery-esque experience I’m about to have. I’m doing this for my own curious research. I will return with results. God speed to any and all substance abuse communities, and anyone else who may be in the line of sating their curiosity.

First edit: achieved sorebum, stomach definitely isn’t empty or happy but I’ve been dragged out of my house to hang out with a friend. Trying to make it through the night without any mishaps yet.

Second edit: have arrived back at my place. Railed a few lines with my friend, I threw her some dope, a good time was had by all. I’ve been home about 15 minutes, took a piss just fine but my stomach has seemed to have forgotten about the nuclear components I put into it earlier.

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