How my sobbing kept my mom from realizing I was tripping


I saw the post about a user’s bare ass saving them from being caught, and i have a (very slightly) similar story.

When I do shit like tripping, I tend to just stay in my room. Nobody sees me, no harm, no foul.

I had decided to take 2 tabs of some VERY strong, very pure cid from a plug i don’t get to buy from often (he lives far and i don’t have a car), so i took it as soon as i got it. I’m experienced, and i like to trip alone.

It was probably the worst day i could have chosen to trip. I’d just broken up with my crazily manipulative ex, which i wasn’t stressed over, but I’d posted a picture on my snap story about how my dog was the best trip sitter 2 hours in. He saw it, realized i was tripping, then started messaging me with some more, very much manipulative, shit. I won’t go into it much but he threatened suicide through overdose and berated me when i called him out on it.

So my mental state was fucking wrecked. Cue a bad trip. I was laying in my bed, clutching my dog, sobbing my eyes out. About fifteen minutes later, i decided that playing the ukulele would calm me down. It didn’t. So I was sitting on my bed, teary-eyed and clutching my ukulele, when none other than my mom barges in.

We have a pretty awful relationship. I won’t bore you with details but she’s almost never nice to me, and when she is, it’s in front of others.

So i instantly panicked. She was gonna see my pupils. She was gonna realize i was being weird. She would realize I’m on something. I would be arrested.

However, she had just come in to give me a few cookies she made for my brother. I took them with shaking hands, thanking her through my watery voice from crying. She begins to walk out, then turns back, as if deciding that this was the day she was actually gonna be nice.

I proceeded to talk to her about my ex, and that I’d broken up with him. She just kinda sat there awkwardly and let me vent, not looking me in the eyes. After a while, she told me she thought he was a bad person, even though I’d spared her 99% of the details, and just fucking left.

So I really think it was her awkwardness towards my emotions that kept me from being caught. I looked in the mirror right after and my eyes were fucking saucers. Honestly, I’m grateful i didn’t have a good trip that go-around, because she definitely would have noticed then.

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Date: May 28, 2019