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How has COVID-19 affected the quality and availability of drugs worldwide? Help us find out!

COVID-19 has had a large impact on many aspects of our life. We’re concerned that this is causing a dramatic reduction in the available supply of drugs. This will have a huge negative effect on the levels of purity and adulteration.

We are Energy Control, an NGO that has worked in harm reduction since 1999. Apart from in-person testing and analysis in our lab in Spain, we also offer an anonymous drug checking service to everyone in the world. We accept samples by mail, so if you can mail it, we test it. We believe everyone has the right to know exactly what they buy and ingest, and that having that information enables us to make safer and more pleasant choices.

We’re working on restoring part of our service, so we can offer testing as soon as possible, but at this time virtually all Drug Checking services are not operational. We’re flying blind, and we need you to be our eyes and ears on the ground, so we can find out what drugs and areas are most affected and what repercussions it has on what’s available. Most importantly, we want to be able to warn you about dangerous batches and continue to help you stay safe.

Take this short survey, and we will publish what you share with us, helping everyone be a bit more informed and safe (The link should be accessible and functional through TOR). The information will be kept up to date and available to everyone. If you haven’t tried to buy anything since lockdown, please consider upvoting the post so we can reach people who have. Thank you for taking the time to help us achieve this.

We hope to be able to test the most urgent and problematic samples soon, so if you suspect your sample to be particularly dangerous, leave us a comment and a way to contact you at the end of this survey, so we can get it tested as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about who we are, what we stand for, and the work we do, you can visit our website,

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