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Holding myself accountable

Need to vent to the void because I can’t tell anyone I know.

Yesterday was Sunday. I woke up and went to Walgreens where i purchased a bottle of Odwalla Strawberry Mango, and a Benzedrex nasal inhaler. After i left the store i sat in my car, took the inhaler out of its packaging, and wrapped it in a napkin to mask the horrendous smell of synthetic lavender and menthol. I twisted off the cap of the inhaler and then pressed my palm into the top of it, breaking the seal which houses the cotton soaked in propylhexedrine. I removed the broken seal, took a sip of my Odwalla, and then poured the cotton down my throat. I took another sip of the Odwalla because otherwise the taste of the cotton would make me throw up. I do all this because propylhexedrine is a stimulant which gets me high. I am high all day. The day before that I had done the same thing. Today, Monday, I left my house the moment my online class ended and drove to an undergrad student’s apartment where I purchased 300mg of Adderall for $100. I am 26, studying to become a lawyer. I hide all of this from everyone I know.

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