Had a nightmare, accidental Benadryl trip and I’ll never forget it.


So recently I was prescribed klonopin for severe insomnia, taken 1 to 2 times a week at 1mg. I took my standard 1mg and got ready for bed. I’ll go ahead and address the benzo thing. I have work earlier than most days on Monday and Friday. So Sunday night and Thursday night are when I take it, as otherwise my body won’t let me naturally fall asleep before 2 AM. So I’d be running off of 2 hours of sleep every Monday and Friday.

Anyways, last night I took my 1mg, hop in bed, and try to sleep. This is at 8:00 PM. 9PM roles around and I can tell it’s not going to kick in, as I ate a hefty meal right before. I take another 1mg. Still felt nothing 15 minutes later (thought it had been an hour) so I take some Benadryl. Cycle repeats of taking more Benadryl until I start feeling very weird. I have two bottles. One is a child’s Benadryl (what I usually would take) and one was the 25mg. Turns out I ended up popping probably around 15 Benadryl or so without realizing it, due to my shit memory from the klonopin.

Then I get this overwhelming feeling of heaviness that hits me like a train. I’ve never tripped on Benadryl before so this was terrifying. It immediately made my heart start racing badly. I got up to get water and calm myself down. By the time I’m leaving the kitchen I hear someone call my name. I think it’s my girlfriend so I go to check on her. I walk into the guest room wondering why she’s in there and I hear her whisper again, from under the bed. It sounded sinister though. An evil I’ve never heard from her. I instinctively knew she was going to hurt me and ran to my room locking the door.

I somehow make out a text to her asking what’s wrong with her, and she asks if I’m okay. She sends me a Snapchat too because she’s worried, and I see she’s at her house. I then start thinking there’s a demon taking the form of my girlfriend, trying to kill me.

I turn off my lights, crawl into bed and pull the covers over me like a child. I’m incredibly confused at this point and had no idea why I was feeling so weird. Note that I never really knew the effects of Benadryl tripping so I thought to myself “take a few more and go the fuck to sleep”. Took 3 more and closed my eyes. Obviously that wasn’t the right move, but remember that I didn’t even think I had taken that many.

Now I’m getting full blown hallucinations. People talking to me, knocking on my window, scratching at my door. I’m fucking terrified to leave my room or even look around. I eventually gain the courage to turn on my lamp and listen for the noises, and when I do I see a snake coiled up back on my bed. I freak out wondering how I didn’t see that, and move to the corner of my room. All on the ceiling above me are spiders and small insects.

The night goes on for probably another hour or two of me freaking out, hearing people yell at me, and seeing snakes and spiders. A person ended up in my room (not a real one) and just started staring at me. They gave me a half smirk that came across super sinister. They wouldn’t move their body, just their head to keep looking at me. They had ripped clothes, a face as pale as a ghost, and long unkept straight hair. They gestured to my bed and I willingly obliged. I got into bed and they continued to stare at me for a solid 5 minutes. I got angered and went to push them, but when I did they disappeared into thin air.

I don’t remember falling asleep, but it was shortly after this I’d imagine. I woke up curled up on my bed sweating and realized I was already late to work by an hour. Called in and said my alarm clock malfunctioned and that I was so sorry (boss wasn’t buying it but said it was okay)

Got to work and googled away. Realized what I experienced was a Benadryl trip along with my 2mg klonopin dose.

TLDR; shit fucking sucked. I didn’t even know how much I was taking of it as I had kept forgetting I took it already. It was absolutely awful and terrifying. I read that some people somewhat enjoy it, but it mostly seems like others hate it too. I’ll never be doing that again, and I’m tossing out the Benadryl for good.

Edit: couldn’t think of the name, but the person staring at me looked like a more dead version of orochimaru, from naruto. Can’t link an image but search that name. That’s what the person looked like, only zombie version. Which is weird because I haven’t seen that show in probably 10 years. Maybe my brain pulled that memory from deep down, in not sure.

But leave your Benadryl experiences in comments if you’ve had any. Good or bad.

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Date: April 23, 2019