First trip 150ug alone

Yesterday I hit up my dealer for some 2cb but he only had acid left, I accepted and picked up 2 tabs and the plan was for my friend to come over and we would trip together however they ended up cancelling on me.

I know I should have got someone to trip sit with me for the first time but I just thought fuck it and took a tab by myself. It was so beautiful. I was watching the music video to let it happen – tame impala and was tearing up. I’d stare at my ceiling and there would be a collidoscope of colours. I went on and had a nice chat with a guy who was on PCP (shout-out to tangible_hose). This chat kept me grounded and in the end I had to take a couple xans to help me sleep.

I really can’t wait to try it again I feel like I didn’t let myself have the full experience because of the xans and would like to do it outside next time and try to learn a bit more about myself. Not sure if this is post worthy I just wanted to share how amazing my first time was.

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