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Festival dealer story #3



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Ok this is another close call but not at a festival.

The whole deal with my boss was he gets everything into the fest, and we buy it on the front from him and sell it ourselves for whatever price we choose. So for a little while in the beginning I would buy it outside the fest from him, where it’s much cheaper, and bring it myself so at least some of my profit margin was much bigger.

I’m driving across a few states to meet him and to travel together to the festival. I have roughly 4 ounces of MDMA capped up and hidden in fake Coors light cans. Those are inside a coors light case that’s re sealed. My entire car is filled with camping gear, bc I’m going to a camping festival.

I’m maybe 5 miles from him, on a busy interstate and there’s a k9 cop riding super slow in the left lane. Bunch of cars are passing him so I do the same. As I’m passing we make eye contact and he changes lanes right behind me and starts following. Heart rate increases instantly and I start telling myself he’s gonna exit it’s fine, your one car in a hundred.

He follows for about 1/4 mile and turns on his lights and I get pulled over. I text my guy what’s happening and turn off my burner phone and put it in the center console. The cop is pretty chill, asks where I’m going I tell him camping near by and that I Don’t know what campground exactly. He seems stuck on the fact I don’t know what campground it is, and starts asking me about my pupil dialation and saying i seem nervous. I can hear my heart beating in my ears as he asks me to step out of my car to run the dog around it.

The dog “hits” on my car, basically to a command he gave it. Like super obvious that the dog was just following commands. He tells me to unlock my car because it’s going to be searched. I refuse and he cuffs me puts me in his car, takes my keys, and starts tearing my car apart.

He searched my car for almost 2 hours, found 3000$ and my burner phone but nothing else. Even had other cops come and start pulling on panels and looking under the hood. He started talking to me basically telling me he knows I have drugs, I have 2 phones, he can see my heart beat through my shirt. And to just give it up. And that he’s taking my 3k because I can’t “prove where it came from”

This whole time the coors light case is sitting on the side of the road, next to all my shit. I’m starting to calm down as he says he’s letting me go. He seemed super pissed about the fact he couldn’t find shit. So he’s putting my car back together and I’m still cuffed in his car watching. The last thing he puts in the trunk is the case of beer.

As he sets it down in the trunk he stops, and just starts staring at it. I can only see him from behind but it was obvious that the gears were turning in his head “this was the only thing I didn’t search” I could see him thinking. Heart rate back to jacked mode. He starts ripping the fucking case apart grabbing beers and shaking them randomly. After a few seconds of this he slams the trunk closed and tells me to get the fuck out of here and let’s me leave.

Couldn’t believe it honestly, still to this day can’t. Looking back he was a really good cop he knew his shit, and I was very very lucky I had the for thought to hide my shit so well. My guy says he profiled me from my flashy red sunglasses I was wearing, but honestly I have no idea why he picked me. My lawyer told me later he was some kind of high way interdiction drug specialist cop.

My guy drove by the scene several times during this and thought for sure I was done. After this incident I paid to have a professional spot installed in my car. This was the closest i ever came to being busted in a pull over situation, smarter people would have made life changes, but I decided to dive even deeper. I met up with guy and we went down to FL and worked Suwannee.

I later got an attorney to get my money back, and after paying him 500$ the cops gave back 1000$ so I basically got 500$ back from 3000$. Civil forfeiture is a bitch.

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