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Festival dealer story #1


Continued from my original post. Everything I’m telling you guys is 100% true I swear on my fucking dick. And while all this seems cool N shit I truly truly regret this time of my life. The risk vs reward was completely fucked. No amount of $ is worth the potential legal consequences of what I was doing. I’m thankful every day I got off without being arrested. Anyways here we go.

My personal closest call and how this whole Operation came to an end still tweaks me out and I don’t feel comfortable sharing on the internet for fears there is an ongoing investigation. But I can share one that I was apart of.

We were at a festival in NY don’t remember the name. Just me and the main guy who ran the crew. The place was super hot, like cops on horses patrolling and police officers everywhere. Business wasn’t very good cause we were too sketched out.

Our neighbor was asking us if we knew where to get weight of MDMA and my boss basically said “I know a guy I’ll go meet him for you and bring it back.” He went thru the whole act and sold the guy a few ounces of MDMA.

I had a bad feeling about this from the start, but wasn’t in a place to tell him what to do. Anyways, we tell the neighbor several times please don’t be selling that near here, we don’t want to be involved in people coming in and out the campsite. He didn’t have any idea what we were up too anyways so we figured all was well.

Maybe the next day I was out working and came back to drop off cash and ReUp in the afternoon. My boss was just chilling, we hung for a second, and I left to work more. I’m gone for maybe 15 minutes and I see a sudden flurry of police activity headed to the general area of my campsite. Like several horse cop fuckers on radios trotting that way. Immediately have a horrible feeling.

Maybe 2 min later my phone rings it’s my boss. I pick up and he said right away “do not come back to the campsite” I ask what happened and I swear to god I hear yelling on his end “GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND NOW!” And a struggle ensuing on the phone. Then he hung up.

I get instant tunnel vision and heart rate completely jacked. I start looking around seeing if anyone is watching me wondering what the extent of this is. Sheer panic. I go to a random car in the camping area and take all my drugs and stuff it under there car. I take a mental note of the area and after making sure I’m not being followed slowly make my way to the campsite. I’m maybe 30 sites down the row watching the neighbor and my boss being searched on the ground both in cuffs. No shit like 25 police officers all Over the fucking campsite. They take both of them away and I wait maybe 3 hours for things to calm Down.

The coast seems clear so I literally creep and low crawl through campsites to our spot. My personal tent is completely untouched. I go inside grab my bag my wallet and personal items and leave. I’m in fucking New York and this guy was my ride, I’m assuming he got busted with who knows what and I’m just walking around pondering my next move. I go back to a campsite I have been dealing with who seemed like nice people and just tell them what happened and chill there. Start googling local police stations and calling wondering how I can find my guy.

It’s dark out now and suddenly my phone rings. It’s my boss. He says “my bails 100k and I need to get half to leave” I honestly don’t even know what to say and start asking him wtf happened. He says, “just playing come to the campsite” I can’t believe it. I’m super stoked but also sketched out. After some convincing I do go back and he’s waiting there.

I run up n grab him freaking out asking what happened we’re both super stoked. I can’t belive he’s not in custody. His story of what happened as follows.

He had been keeping tabs on the neighbor while I’m out working and the guy had been bringing people to the campsite as we feared. He stashed everything in his secret compartment in his car and locked the car when I took off and was just chilling. He watched some dude come up and super obviously and weirdly ask to buy molly from the neighbor and take off. He has been in the game a long time and was sure the customer was an under cover cop.

Within seconds of the guy walking off, the campsite gets swarmed by cops. He has just enough time to call me and they arrest him because the neighbor claims he sold him the shit and has more. They take him to the station and grill him, search his tent and his car and find nothing. They ended up fucking apologizing to him and driving him back to the festival.

The whole thing was a complete emotional roller coaster. I went back to the car I stashed my shit under and it was all still there. We both decided that considering the circumstances we would get absolutely trashed on our own supply for the night. We spent the rest of the night eating MDMA and he probably handed out 40 or 50 pills to random people we chilled with. I was doing hella k with some people I met it was a great night.

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