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Father called cops on me for smoking weed

Long post, tldr at bottom. Also on mobile so formatting will be shit.

Background: I got caught smoking weed today, I’m 16. My family are giant potheads, (and smoked when they were like 10), so I thought they would understand. They obviously didn’t, considering how they were going to piss test me and ground me for a month with no screens or leaving the house. We just moved here so I literally would have nothing to do. I smoke weed to try and cope with my severe depression that is partly caused by my abusive dad.

So my dad is driving along the road and somehow sees me smoking in the trees. So of course he is like “I saw you smoking you are in trouble”. I knew they were eventually going to find out since I have been smoking for over a year now so I didn’t worry and went home.

Well when my dad came home he was pissed. He said he was grounding me for a month and was going to piss test me randomly. I of course am like “what the fuck”. So then we get into a big yelling match until my mom eventually gets home. By this time I’m angry as hell so we keep yelling at each other. At one point I go outside to cool off, and when I come back inside I’m greeted by this fat ass either saying to get out of the house or go to my room. I decided to stay out since I was a little scared of him at this point and didn’t want to be trapped in there.

Then he decides to call the cops and say I’m “swinging at him and I’m out of control”. Please note that the only thing I ever did was raise my voice. Before this he was pushing me around and getting up in his face. So as he is calling the police I go into my room and hide my shit. It took a couple of minutes for police to arrive, but I have no where I can stash the weed. Luckily before police arrive my friend rolls up to my window, I’m still amazed how he did it since he arrived 2 hours early then I told him to earlier.

At this point I’m like “fuck nigger take my shit you can smoke it idc” so he runs off with it. So the police come in and question me and shit and when they can’t find any proof of punching nor weed (except an empty lighter I forgot about) they leave. Now my parents are pissed at each other cause my dad still thinks that he did the right thing and wants to punish me longer while my non-abusive mom thinks that what he did was outrageous. So now I am afraid my parents are getting a divorce.

It’s really fucking with my head

Tdlr: I get caught smoking weed, get in a fight with my abusive dad and he calls the cops. Cops find nothing and leave, but now my parents might be getting divorced.

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