Do I eat the acid?

I bought 10 tabs of acid (200ug) for about £45 from the markets to sell and turn a profit. I gave one away because of debt and sold one for £10. I now have 8 tabs. I have just been told that I can have the whole day off college because I’ve just had a minor surgery (nail surgery) nothing that really effects me but they don’t want me to fuck it up because I walk a lot at school. Now when I was told this I immediately got the temptation to just eat the acid as I have nothing else to do today. I want to have 3. That way I can still turn a profit and get another load through next week. However I am unable to make the decision on whether I want to have the extra £30 profit or trip balls today. I have trip killers and everything if it gets out of hand but I’m sure it won’t. I also have just started playing far cry 5 and I feel like the trippy scenes in that will be pretty cool to play through. My dads also going to be at home today but that’s no biggie because he rarely comes in my room and he’ll probably go back to sleep sometime cos he has chronic headaches. So yeah thought I’d come here and get someone to decide whether I trip balls today or not. What do you guys think I should do?

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