I found myself working very hard to completely organize my husband’s VAST collection of GangBangMomma pornography, and so I scarcely had time to make nasty new pictures of my pussy for you. Just when the whole thing seemed endless, I threw up my hands, grabbed my fishnet stockings and fuck-me shoes, and said to hubby, Grab your camera, I want you to take some pictures of my pussy. He replied, Gee, I don’t know… what’s in it for me, do you think I grinned and said, You can fuck me like a dog and cum in my pussy or my mouth. Which He replied, saying, It’s a tough choice, alright, but I think I’d like to cum in your mouth best. Are you certain it’s okay You’re not afraid of going to hell What do you think I said to him Here’s a clue below. See how it ends and report back to me – I promise I won’t tell your mother what you were doing in your pants while you watched. Okay –  (Gallery) 

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