Cocaine and intense video games has got to be one of the best rushes.


My heart breaking land speed records right now. Adrenaline has me shaking so hard it’s almost hard to type right now. I’ve only done 5-6 moderate lines over the last 5 hours too.

I’m playing Apex, but I’m sure any 0-100 in a second game will do it. It’s been about 30 mins since my last game, which was a fail for 3 wins in a row, and this shit is still going strong.

In a good way though, I feel like I just wrestled a fucking bear and beat it’s bitch ass. Feel like I if a bear was in my living room I’d have no problem biting its dick off to assert my dominance.

Those last three games were 100% adrenaline after I finally stopped sucking dick for the night. Idk if it was the coke getting to the right point or what but a switch just flipped on me.

I’m damn sure not taking the credit lol. Im saying it was all adrenaline making me hyper aware and on point. And it feels fucking amazing. From a video game!?

I mean I’ve had adrenaline from games before, but this is far beyond.

What are you’re favorite drugs for vidya? I also really like psychedelics, cause when I can actually focus it literally steps my game up several notches. That’s a pretty big “when” though. Play games like Skyrim or some shit and you’ll just stop and stare at a mountain lol.

Anyway I’m just typing at this point..

Edit: Well… this is typical. Told myself I’d stop 4 hours ago. Have to be up for work in 5 hours. God dude, idk why I do this. The time just fucking. Just one mores.

Here’s to 20 more one mores. cheers

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Date: April 30, 2019