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Caught with bong by my dad

Ok so a little background this happened just after school ended. Most everyone except for my dad knows I smoke. I just graduated and for my grad present my brother got me a bong that I proudly set in my room, ain’t nothing hiding it. My cousin from the other side of the country came to my graduation to come and stay a couple days. My mom the day before this told me my dad knows I smoke and is ok with it.

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Alright story time:

It’s Sunday, my dad gets to stay home from work so him and my mom are laying on the couch. The plans from that day got cancelled so we had nothing to do. So I look at the bong for inspiration, and well I decided why the hell not. So I look at my cousin he says he will later; alright suit yourself. Bong in hand lighter and herb in my pocket I set out on my adventure from my bedroom door to the back door. But oh wait, the couch is right next to the back door, I have to walk in front of the TV to get to there. My mom is in now in her bathroom and cannot help me on this one.

Here goes nothing.

So as I walk to the front door my dad looks at me gives me an queer look. “What’s that in your hand?” He asks


“It’s a vase.” I point at the bowl and say “it draws air from here and put it out through the top.” I’m such a dumbass. I started leaving through the door at this point.

“Yeah but why would it do that”

“Idk I got it for a graduation present.”

I just closed the door behind me. I really didn’t feel comfortable smoking so I kinda did this for nothing so I look at it swirl the water around so just in case if he was looking through the glass back door he would see I’m just as confused as him. Wait a minute and then just poured the water out, defeated. So I come back in and he is not convinced. I just power walked so fast to my room. He asked me a question that I don’t remember all I remember was saying “I’ll tell you later”

And he hasn’t asked since thank God. I mean I wouldn’t get in too much trouble but my mom isn’t around all the time and being in a house with my dad alone and his military mind knowing I smoke would be too tense for me.

Me and my cousin smoked later that day and it was a relief truly.

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