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Official Weekly Free-For-All Thread (Week 16 — April 20, 2020)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly free for all! For any newcomers, this is a thread where you’re allowed to have friendly conversations about anything (within boundary). The idea is to give fellow drugitors a chance to talk about other things within the community (which would normally be deemed irrelevant/unsuitable to the subreddit). What […]

True story’s of a festival drug dealer

For about a solid 7 months, almost every weekend, I was the random guy walking up to your campsite selling “party favors”. From New York State to Florida to the Midwest, I was at the biggest festivals. I always carried ketamine, LSD, and either pressed MDMA or some super dark sass with a nearly unlimited […]

Festival dealer story #1

https://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/g5mutd/true_storys_of_a_festival_drug_dealer/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Continued from my original post. Everything I’m telling you guys is 100% true I swear on my fucking dick. And while all this seems cool N shit I truly truly regret this time of my life. The risk vs reward was completely fucked. No amount of $ is worth the potential legal consequences of […]

Festival dealer story #3

https://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/g5mutd/true_storys_of_a_festival_drug_dealer/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf https://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/g5o5co/festival_dealer_story_1/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Here are the first 2 posts Ok this is another close call but not at a festival. The whole deal with my boss was he gets everything into the fest, and we buy it on the front from him and sell it ourselves for whatever price we choose. So for a little while […]

Why am I like this

Ah man, I’m somehow classified as an essential worker so while the whole country is in lockdown im working six days a week. I found like a gram and a half of coke while I was cleaning my room and instead of sleeping I accidentally just snorted it all. I have to work now in […]

Where are my health conscious and responsible drug users at?

Where y’all at? I see too many stories of irresponsibility on the part of many drug users, yet I don’t hear too much about the drug users who use in moderation, workout, pay bills, graduated college (I’m graduating college myself in two week 😁), and just flat out have a balanced drug-life relationship. I wish […]

Went to a stranger house to smoke weed, ended up taking pills

It’s not the most incredible story, but definetly one of the best night i had lately. Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, english is not my first language. I recently installed an app called “Jodel” . It’s a kind of forum, where you can post and see the posts from people 10 kilometers around. A person […]

Reagent testing PSA

Hey guys, Some of you are gonna see this and go “no shit.” And Im glad you already know this. For those that don’t know: The mandelin reagent test is specifically made with concentrated sulferic acid. Im not sure what the other ones contain. I found this out when I put a bit too much […]

Anybody like to game on drugs?

Any gamers here? I wonder what do you guys play on drugs, and which drug do you use whilst playing? I’ve always like coke on shooter games, but i discovered low doses of ketamine can be really fun whilst playing more relaxed games. sucks you into the story. submitted by /u/marcelalberti123 [link] [comments]

What are some drug myths you’ve heard that are definitely not true?

Anyone who’s been around drugs and even people who haven’t been around drugs have probably heard myths about drugs that aren’t true. Some may be more true than others and some may just be misinformation repeated by people on a large scale. What are some drug myths you’ve heard that aren’t true? submitted by /u/HesitantPsychonaut […]

What are your top 5 favorite combinations? Least favorite?

My favorites in order: 1) Vyvanse+Xanax+Oxycodone+Kpin+Weed 2) Hydro/Oxycodone+Weed 3) Crack+Adderall+Xanax+Alcohol+Weed 4) LSD+Shrooms+Nitrous oxide+Weed 5) Dxm+Nitrous Oxide+Weed Least Favorites 1) DPH+Weed (shudder) 2) DPH+DXM 3) Ritalin+Adderall+Caffeine 4) Adderall+Alcohol submitted by /u/ShroomyStandards [link] [comments]

I can’t be the only one

Drugs well (most) Drugs lol are just so badass. Like I am beyond fascinated by every facet of the topic from the pharmacology to field testing to history to subcultures. It’s all just such a hobby for me. Anyone else out there think similarly? Like how can I convert this hobby into a career? Srsly.. […]

Snorting 2c-b

Here is the link to the original question : https://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/g5ly8d/can_i_consume_2cb_two_days_in_a_row/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share So i snorted 2c-b this evening. While i’m writing this i’m still tripping… HARD. Disclaimer : never snort 2c-b it’s the worst thing imaginable. Your nose is completely blocked for half an hour, like no airflow at all. Luckely as the trip graduadly progresses the […]

Who’s done what in Disney world

Just randomly asking who in this reddit has done what drug in Disney world. I’m asking because I was just having a high thought who has done the craziest shit in Disney world? Did you get away with it? Was it horrible? Or did it go perfectly as you imagined? submitted by /u/crazyh66 [link] [comments]

What are Closed Eye Visuals (CEV) Like?

Could someone please explain to me what CEV are like? I understand what they are, but what are they like when you have them? I’ve taken shrooms quite a few times, but I dont think I had enough to experience this. Is it like your eyes are open while they’re closed? Like are images as […]

Partner going through possible psychosis from speed, help

I really don’t know where to go to ask this, but these last few days have been a complete mess. My partner and I decided to hang out with my coworker, one thing lead to another and it turned into us 3 having a party. My coworker had speed and my partner and I decided […]

Lost myself

I used to be a heavy drinker and opiate addict and occasional stim user. Before I met a girl i was the most outgoing social popular cool guy, the best version of my depressed self ive ever been. 5 years later shes cheated multiple times and left. Im clean off opiate but use stims alot […]