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Official Weekly Free-For-All Thread (Week 16 — April 23, 2019)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly free for all! For any newcomers, this is a thread where you’re allowed to have friendly conversations about anything (within boundary). The idea is to give fellow drugitors a chance to talk about other things within the community (which would normally be deemed irrelevant/unsuitable to the subreddit). What […]

SOME STONERS are so fucking annoying. They love to act superior

“just stick to weed yo”, “omg your drug is no good”, “don’t use this drug, that drug, please just smoke weed”. oh hell no! i am a STONER too but I am so sick of some other ones. They act AS IF weed was everything and other drugs were trash. Some stoners in my friendlist […]

A Fraction of the Whole.

I first got drunk at 15. It was a NYE party and some of the older kids offered us access to their stash of beers if we so desired. 8 beers later and I spent the coming of the new year semi-conscious in a tent out in their yard. Since then, drug abuse has led […]

I fucking hate other college kids sometimes.

They annoy me and my friends all the time. Last night some dude came into our apartment and asked me to go out and find shit for him so i said ” dude i am in my fucking underwear and its 11:30 at night. I am ready to pass out for the night. I am […]

Had a nightmare, accidental Benadryl trip and I’ll never forget it.

So recently I was prescribed klonopin for severe insomnia, taken 1 to 2 times a week at 1mg. I took my standard 1mg and got ready for bed. I’ll go ahead and address the benzo thing. I have work earlier than most days on Monday and Friday. So Sunday night and Thursday night are when […]

Psychedelics told me to stop smoking and drinking.

I tried acid for the first time about 5-6 months ago at a friend of my best friends house. I took the tab at about 11:30pm. There was about 6 people at the house but only my best friend and I were tripping, the rest were chilling, doing blow, smoking, and playing Fortnite. I had […]

Please do not drive under the influence.

I know this kinda goes without saying, but please don’t drink/roll/trip and drive. This is coming from someone who used to drink and drive every day, putting lots of lives in danger. I got sober on and off for about a year, then relapsed again after 3 months, and drove home from the club drunk. […]

I shook my whipcream

Now whipcream comes out when its upside instead of the hissing. How long do I have too wait until i can use it as a whippit? Or did I fuck it all up Or can I still hit it when all the cream is gone submitted by /u/Tropical_YT [link] [comments]

Amsterdam cocaine purity reached an all time high!

Thanks to our Albanian friends who been coming through with that clean(most important Levamisole free) cocaine straight out of the old days. They been all over the place in Western EU for the last few years and bring nothing but fire period! When i got my latest batch i send a sample to our local […]

5-APB (Move over MDMA!)

Finally sourced this chem (which is VERY hard in the UK) so I decided to buy it among other things such as 4-FA etc. I’ve personally done a lot of of RCs and MDMA. i decided to weigh up 100mg (which is a strongish dose but I have a tolerance for stims) and bomb it […]

I’m on weed, MDMA, ketamine, speed, opiates and xans right now

I’m fucking obliterated bois. I know about CNS depressants in combination being dangerous but I’m on low doses. I did all these drugs to put a worthy end to my week of holidays. Tomorrow it’s back to work so I wanted to end the week with a bang. Started by smoking weed (low tolerance) till […]

I just want some weed, please man

I’ve had a rough ass week, my spring break was cut short by the news my grandpa was in the hospital with lung cancer. They only discovered it last week and they didn’t know how much longer he had left. My dad picks me up and drives me up to Syracuse to see him in […]