Buy yourself a 2DS

I picked this thing up for £35 a week ago at a pawn shop as a treat for finishing exams, took me an hour to mod it and now I can download any game I want for free.

Holy shit this was easily the best £35 I’ve ever spent. I’ve been bedridden most of the week as I’m on a MDMA comedown. I completed Pokemon Ruby in just over a day, I completed Super Mario 3D Land twice back to back because it’s just so fuckin fun, I’ve spent more time talking to inbred animals on Animal Crossing than I’ve spent talking to my actual friends.

Also Nintendo games feel like they’re designed for high people, it makes you feel like a little kid again. And don’t give me this “iLl JuSt gEt a 3dS” bullshit. Nah, I don’t fuck with that Mr. Moneybags shit. You need to feel the pain of drifting in Mario Kart, you need to experience how uncomfortable this wonderful piece of shit is in your hands, you need to experience your pinky finger going numb every 5 minutes because apparently this thing was designed by retards. It’s all part of the experience.

Think I’m ready to return to the real world now, but get yourself a 2DS

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