Why Urgent Care is Trending in Goshen, NY

Why Urgent Care is Trending in Goshen, NY

Some people still do not understand the difference between emergency rooms, ER and urgent care. It is not surprising since the latter is fairly new in the industry. The only disparity between these two is the gravity of illness or injury they handle. Emergency departments handle life threatening conditions. Urgent care on the hand specializes in medical needs that are not life threatening but cannot wait longer. Here is a broader look at the care offered at urgent care Goshen, NY and the benefits.

Urgent Care Conditions

One reason for the creation and success of urgent care clinics and centers is the overcrowding in the ERs. Some conditions are too urgent to be handled at the normal care section but also not too grave to warrant emergency care. It is these injuries or illnesses that are taken to urgent care centers.

The injuries handled at urgent centers are fractures, medium cuts or lacerations, burns, sprains, and car accident injuries. All these should not be life threatening. Illnesses treated at urgent care facilities include mild to moderate asthma, eye irritations, severe sore throat, urinary tract infection, and fever or flu. Diagnostic procedures such as laboratory test and X-rays are also carried out at urgent care.

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Benefits of Urgent Care

Unclogging ERs: Many times, emergency rooms are filled with people who could be treated by primary doctors. With Urgent Care, the ER remains only for the crucially ill or injured.

Speed: Urgent care can offer some ER services without the inconveniences of long waits. Reports by the Urgent Care Association of America show that patients at urgent care centers wait only for 15 minutes or less. ERs are on the other side plagued with long lines. Therefore, it is a great alternative for people who are interested in quicker medical services.

Qualified doctors: Most of the doctors working in urgent care Goshen, NY are professional who have worked previously in the emergency room. Some of them worked in their practice before. Therefore, one can be assured of the quality of medical care in these facilities.

Cost effective: Cost is a major advantage of urgent care clinic over emergency care. Persons with chronic conditions can save a lot of money by opting for these clinics instead of ER. It is also a great place for uninsured individuals or those with high premium policies.

Variety of care: Urgent care centers provide different medical care procedures. Tasks can be as simple as testing for STDs to critical but not life-threatening conditions.

Even though urgent care is a new addition to the medical care sector, it promises to reduce the long queues in ERs and provide affordable quality care for non-critical conditions.

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