Why Damage Rate is Less in the FUT Hair Transplant

Why Damage Rate is Less in the FUT Hair Transplant

There are two scientifically proven techniques of the hair transplant procedure, namely the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant. Since both these techniques have the same motto to collect the hair follicles via harvesting or extraction, but the outputs and the way of collecting the follicles are all different in both these procedures, which affects the restoration surgery in terms of a quality result. The procedure of hair implantation involves the shifting of hair roots from the donor location into the recipient zone via the harvesting of hair follicles, whether the strip harvesting procedure or the follicular unit extraction one-by-one with the help of a punching machine. The outcome success depends on the number of grafts which is harvested/extracted in a single session to cover the bald portion of the scalp. The procedure needs the extreme sense of artistic knowledge to fulfill the criteria of an aesthetic hair transplant procedure. The hair transplant in India is demanding day-by-day due to the expertise hair transplant Surgeons as well as the modest cost of the procedure, which attracts both national & international clients to take the procedure in the Cosmetic procedure hub state, Jaipur.

The FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT stands for Follicular unit transplant involves the strip of the skin excision from the safe donor area, which is usually from the back and sides of the scalp are used to harvest the hair follicles in order to cover the present bald area of the scalp. The FUT involves a nominal incision which is further closed by the advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure to avoid the scars as much as possible. It is a safe, painless and a scar less procedure, which has a strength of offering the number of hair grafts and are a most suitable technique to cover the higher grade of baldness.

The FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE is an acronym of Follicular Unit Extraction which involves the punching machine to extract the hair follicles randomly leads to higher damage rate because dynamic punches needs an aesthetic distance to target another hair follicle for extraction automatically makes the limitations for graft extraction and it is suitable only for the lower grade of baldness or applied in the body hair transplant.

Why Damage rate is Minimum in the FUT Hair Transplant is best described below:

The Strip Excision involvement Gives a Number of Grafts

The FUT hair transplant involves the strip excision, which contains a number of hair follicles and their harvesting results in getting the greatest number of hair grafts to cover the higher grade of baldness with the utmost satisfactory result. There are very fewer chances of the graft damage as it is collected through the strip. After removal of the strip, the technicians used the higher magnification of microscopes to dissect the hair grafts and kept in a saline water till the implantation procedure got completed. The saline water makes the grafts viable and adaptable while the procedure is going on for the placement in terms of getting the most positive outcome of the successful hair regrowth possibility after the transplantation.

More areas are covered and a Higher Sustainability of Graft

The FUT hair transplant procedure is capable of harvesting the greatest number of hair follicles in order to cover the highest bald area with the most viable hair roots results in the higher success of the regrowth of hair as the hair roots are taken from the safe donor area of the scalp. The safe donor areas’ hair roots are destined to remain permanent as they do not show the DHT sensitivity and never falls out or loss, even after the harvesting it retains their characteristics of DHT (DI-hydro Testosterone) resistivity and regrown for the permanent.


In the nutshell, we can say that the technique of FUT hair transplant is one of the most genuine procedures to fulfill the criteria of a bald portion with the coverage of the sustainable hair roots with all the density as well as the aesthetic concerns to meet the goal of a successful hair transplantation.

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