Which Home Remedies are Effective for Sore Toe

Which Home Remedies are Effective for Sore Toe

A toe injury or a swollen foot due to unfavorable situations is an ordinary phenomenon. Some usual accidents like striking the toe against your bedpost, coagulation of blood under your nail, shoe bites along with cracked as well as bleeding heels can make an unwanted trouble. You can follow some home remedies to get a long lasting relief. If you are experiencing extreme problems with your swollen feet and sore toe, then you need a medical attention:

Hot Water Treatment: In order to get a relief from this ceaseless pain, hot water treatment is very popular. In this treatment, you need hot water of tolerable temperature with a small amount of salt. This home remedy is about dipping your feet until the water becomes cold.

Then, you have to dry your feet using a clean towel followed by an application of pain-relieving ointment. You need to preserve the warmth of your foot by wearing loose-fitted socks overnight. Provide support your foot using pillows.

Avoid Tight-fitted Shoes: Stay away from any pressure on your injured foot and therefore you need to wear shoes in accordance with that. High-heeled shoes or tight-fitted shoes might make it more severe.

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Turmeric: You need to stir turmeric powder of a teaspoon in a warm glass of milk. Now, drink it up. This traditional mixture is one of the best healing medicines provided by the Ayurveda.

Bread and Sugar: You need to take a bread slice and then you have to break it into the half. Now, sprinkle it using water stirred with sugar. You have to take care of the loaf – it should not too hard or too soft. After that, sprinkle a little bit sugar granules on the bread.

Now, you have to wrap that side throughout the inflamed area using a bandage. It is one of the best remedies for a sore toe that is ridden with infection. It can cure infected toenail corners as well as infections linked to the cuticles. You should repeat this remedy after every two to three hours using a different slice till no infection appears.

Foods that you should Avoid

A person can experience inflamed foot because of high uric acid in his/her body. It does not permit the inflammation to diminish frequently. You should not ignore the problem of sore toe Until the foot problem is cured, you should stay away from food items including red meats, green peas, legumes, mushrooms, beer along with other fermented and alcoholic products. Such foods enhance the body’s uric acid and it might prove harmful to the health in case of negligence.

You need to drink sufficient amount of water to get rid of unneeded physical strain.


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