Teaching children as they should be, with TAP’s crowdfunding project

Teaching children as they should be, with TAP’s crowdfunding project

When Monica Pesswani set up The Apprentice Project, TAP in short, she had a set of very clear visions. She wanted to make impact with her work within a sub-domain of children’s education, which is often overlooked, and sometimes for good reason, which reason is always the lack of funds. Monica wanted to focus on a smaller segment of the larger problem of educating our children.

Monica’s big idea to let children be children, doing things they genuinely enjoy, irrespective of where they hail from, no matter how disadvantaged their backgrounds or how poor their families. Children, Monica believes, should be actively given opportunities to engage with creative activities, which boosts both conventional and emotional intelligence and fosters friendships and gives poor children a chance to forget the everyday stresses and strains they bear with fortitude.

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The TAP project design is to place volunteers in schools which serve children from underprivileged spaces, and have them give lessons in performative and creative arts, as well as give technical training in coding and software use and teach them to play some sports. The focus of the venture is to let the children at low-income zone schools have the same holistic experience of education, just as their more affluent counterparts do. So far, eleven schools in and around Pune have been identified and staffed with these skilled teachers who are making a difference to the lives of impressionable young children with the life and colour they are introducing so adroitly.

Monica has a well-designed fund utilization plan for TAP, and she has shared this on the fundraiser page of the crowdfunding campaign she is running on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform. The fundraiser is aimed at garnering financial support from donors who empathize with the cause of making childhood better for children from the lower classes, with an eye to developing infrastructural facilities, such as computer labs and art studios, at the schools which most need this helping influence. Monica has set a target of over ten lakh rupees to be able to reach 300 children who could benefit directly from the extracurricular lessons. Donations have already come pouring in from her wide circle of friends and fans both in India and abroad.

With projects like these, our trust in goodwill and altruism is restored. Crowdfunding enables doing good, so if you want to make change, start your fundraiser today!

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