Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Vital Pelvic Floor Exercise Target Pelvic Floor Muscles

When you hear the words, pelvic floor you should know you have a group of muscles within the pelvic area of the lower abdomen. The pelvic floor also contains necessary connective tissues and ligaments that help to support and keep your bladder, uterus, and intestine in proper position and alignment.

When these pelvic floor muscles become weakened, you may experience leaking of urine, prolapsed bladder, uterus, or intestine, lower abdominal pain, and sexual dissatisfaction. These signs and symptoms decrease your quality of life.

Women experience this problem more often than men. If you went through childbirth, have a chronic cough due to a chronic illness such as involving the respiratory or cardiac systems, or if you are considered obese (30# over your ideal body weight,) or if your job demands consistent heavy lifting tends to overstretch your pelvic muscles.  Age has little bearing on these signs and symptoms.

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How to Increase Pelvic Muscle Tone and Strength

Setting up a routine of pelvic floor exercises tones up and strengthens pelvic muscles. This exercise is as important as toning and strengthening any other muscle group in your body including your heart.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The pelvic floor muscles are invisible to the human eye, unlike the muscles in the arms, gluteus, abdomen, and legs. When you exercise a visible muscle, it makes your body look toned and trimmed up and other people can see these changes.

There are no visible signs you are toning and strengthening your pelvic muscles through pelvic exercises. You are the only one who is aware of the benefits of strengthening these muscles. Just because this muscle group is invisible makes training no less important.

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises 

The pelvic exercise of this muscle group helps to stop or at least decrease bowel or bladder leakage, increases self-esteem, reduces pelvic pain, and increases sexual satisfaction. Bring your weight into a more normal range for your age, height, and bone structure also helps to decrease signs and symptoms.

Strengthening these muscles allow better support for the bladder, intestine, and uterus, keeping these organs in place.

Myths and Misconceptions of Pelvic Floor Exercises 

  • Kegal Exercises do not help and are a waste of time

Pelvic floor exercises are done anytime and anywhere with no one’s knowledge you are doing them as these exercises are controlled consciously improving tone and strength to the pelvic floor muscles.

Why Kegal Exercises?

The benefits of doing Kegal exercises are that this is the only exercise that tones and strengthens the pelvic muscles. Kegal exercises improve muscle relaxation, improve blood circulation, enhance sex, may decrease bowel and bladder incontinence, may decrease pelvic pain, and increases the quality of life and mental health.


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