Parathyroid Treatment

Parathyroid Treatment

You have four parathyroid glands located behind your thyroid in your neck. They’re small glands that play a vital role in regulating the calcium in your body. Because calcium is necessary for bone health and the muscles, an issue with the parathyroid glands has the potential to cause issues with various aspects of the body. Issues with the parathyroid may disrupt various aspect of a person’s life, parathyroid treatment is possible. 

Hyperparathyroidism is a condition that occurs when the parathyroid is overactive. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism differ from person to person. The symptoms of the condition are similar to those of other conditions such as thyroid disorders. In order for a physician to determine if you suffer from hyperparathyroidism, he or she must conduct an examination along with a complete blood panel. 

Symptoms of Hyperparathyroidism
High levels of calcium in the blood is a common symptom of the condition. Those who have issues with the parathyroid glands tend to have low levels of vitamin D. Bone aches and pains may occur as well. Some people experience mood or memory disturbances. Kidney stones and gastric reflux disease are possible. Those who have hyperparathyroidism might experience fatigue. Blood pressure levels tend to rise as a result of the parathyroid gland overworking. 

Hyperparathyroidism Treatment 
Hyperparathyroidism can stem from a benign tumor in the parathyroid glands. Keep in mind, medications aren’t effective at targeting the tumor. With hyperparathyroidism, surgery is usually needed in order to remove the tumor that is causing the overactive parathyroid glands. Surgical techniques used to remove the tumor are minimally invasive, which a parathyroid surgery will only create a small scar on your neck.

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During the surgery, you’ll receive a general anesthesia, so you’re unconscious for the procedure. Working on such small glands is a delicate process, which makes the surgery require up to four hours to complete. The surgeon must carefully remove the glands without harming the blood vessels and nerves in the surrounding region of the neck. 

The risk of complications is extremely low from a parathyroid tumor removal surgery, especially when you’re in the hands of a skilled surgeon like one from the Surgery Group of Los Angeles. Usually, you’re able to return home the same day as your procedure, but you’ll need someone to drive you home because of the anesthesia. 

You can expect to have mild pain or soreness in your neck. You may have swelling, bruising or pain around the incision site. Some people experience tightness, numbness or tingling. These particular symptoms could last for several weeks after your surgery. 

During your first week after your surgery, you’ll need to avoid strenuous activity, especially exercise. Excessive talking or chewing could irritate the incision area. We ask that patients follow post-operative instructions to avoid tearing the incision. We advise patients to wait to get clearance from the surgeon before beginning physical activity. 

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