New Jersey Heroin Addiction Treatment

New Jersey heroin addiction treatment is available for the many heroin addicts who need it. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, twenty-three percent of people who try heroin will eventually become addicted to it.   

What is Heroin?

Heroin is created from the resin of poppy seeds.  A milky sap-like form of opium is removed from the poppy pod and refined to make heroin.  Heroin is an opioid which attaches to specific receptors in the brain to create a feeling of intense euphoria.  Users often report feeling warm and relaxed in addition to euphoric.  Heroin can be snorted through the nose or swallowed, but the most common way to use heroin is to inject it into the veins. When injected the effects of heroin can be felt in as little as a few seconds.  

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 How Addiction Begins

 Users can quickly become addicted to heroin.  An addict will usually increase the amount of the drug they use, and this can begin to cause serious health problems.  The receptors in the brain affected by heroin can be damaged with repeated use.  It can cause the brain cells to be unable to produce chemical signals of pleasure without the heroin in the system.  This is usually where the addiction begins.  New Jersey heroin addiction treatment is available for those who feel they need help to stop using heroin. There are outpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers in New Jersey to help people conquer their heroin problem.

Health Problems

   Long-term health effects can be seen in the addict’s brain, lung, and heart function.  Brain cells continuously exposed to heroin can stop producing chemical signals of pleasure and after long periods of use, a heroin addict can have reduced ability to make decisions or control their behavior.  Heroin also slows down breathing and can cause a user’s breathing to stop completely when taken in large amounts.  If a heroin addict repeatedly injects the drug it can cause damage to the veins and arteries which can lead to infection and even death.  


Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction

There are both inpatient and outpatient treatment options for heroin addicts to take advantage of in order to stop their heroin use.  One option is medically assisted detox where withdrawal symptoms are managed with other non-opiate medications.  Heroin withdrawals can cause flu-like symptoms for several weeks and the carefully monitored medication can help with this process.  The medication should be used under supervision and can be helpful to break the physical addiction.  

  The medication needs to be followed by therapy and coaching to help the addict fight the temptation to use heroin again.  Therapy will help build communication skills so recovering addicts can communicate with their friends and family.  Therapy can take place one on one with a counselor or can happen in a group setting.  A long-term care plan for recovering addicts in New Jersey is needed because relapse can happen for years after stopping heroin use.

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