Memory Care Facilities in Troy, Michigan – What They Are, And What to Expect

Memory Care Facilities in Troy, Michigan – What They Are, And What to Expect

Memory care facilities in Troy Michigan are established for the sole purpose of caring for a senior adult with dementia and are not able to carry out their daily activities. Memory care facilities provide residential care for dementia and nondementia patients. In other words, they also render services to that senior adult without dementia but are too old to live on their own. In some large assisted living facilities, a sector is set aside to care for Alzheimer’s patients. Although Alzheimer’s patients have a separate unit where they are cared for but this does not mean that they are prohibited from socializing or interacting with other residents in the assisted living community. Memory care facilities in Troy, Michigan are adequately staffed to render services such as bathing, dressing, feeding etc.

What to expect

The safety of your loved one is very important hence it is appropriate to choose the right Memory care facility. There should be safety precautions in order to prevent wandering in the dementia unit. They should be able to render assistance with basic activities like bathing, dressing, eating and so on. A dementia care facility should also have qualified staff to handle the personal care required by each resident.

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Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that affects both the thinking and behavior of the individual hence caregivers should be well trained to handle such individuals. It is also the duty of the memory care facility to provide transport and food for its residents. Most facilities ensure that their residents have three meals per day as well as some delicious desserts. These facilities are nonmedical facilities, and as such, some of them do have medical staff in case of an emergency. The medical staffs are responsible for administering drugs to residents and ensuring that they take the right dosage as prescribed.

Factors to Consider when choosing a memory care facility in Troy Michigan

* Care Capabilities: Thorough investigation should be done to find out whether the facility is capable of caring for your loved one.

* Plans of Treatment: There should be good management plan on how the residents should be cared for. More so, the plans should be reviewed and adjusted regularly. Ask the management what their plans are and how often are they re-assessed.

* Activities: The facility should have different available activities that residents can participate in. Activities such as cooking, exercising, recreation and so on.These activities will help to enhance the thinking ability of your loved one.


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