Jungian Psychoanalysis – Bringing Together The Conscious And Parts Of The Mind

Jungian Psychoanalysis – Bringing Together The Conscious And Parts Of The Mind

Jungian analysis is the psychotherapeutic approach of analytical psychology in which the therapists and patient work together to ensure a more balanced relationship between the unconscious elements and conscious awareness of the mind. Jungian psychotherapy helps patient discover meaning to life, improve mental well being, facilitate maturation of the personality and provide long lasting solutions to psychological sufferings as well as emotional issues.

It can also translate to a shared exploration of the many different  realms where you can find the unconscious materials. In order to bring these materials to manifestation, there is need to explore the individual’s personal unconscious in the image and patterns that comes up in their everyday life and activities. These areas include memories, developmental history, creative expressions, dreams, fantasies and events of everyday life.

In a bid to bring into light an individual’s conscious awareness about relational dynamics experienced in the day to day life, the Jungian psychoanalysis professionals have to put into consideration the interpersonal experience of the unconscious observed in the natural. Self awareness is further expanded by observing the concrete manifestations of the collective unconscious revealed in the archetypal stories, patterns and images found in mythology, fairy tales and the arts that mirror human behaviors and patterns.

Notably, Jungian psychoanalysis has to be done by a reputable analyst. Dream images and metaphors often appear at the beginning of the analytic process which symbolizes a worthwhile destination. But the more difficulty one encounters while on the journey, the higher the reward at the end of the journey. To that end, Jungian psychoanalysis helps an individual get the true meaning of life. It is a process that allows one take an honest account of their personal life including the decisions and experiences, be it good or bad. Significantly, this process is done under the monitoring eyes of someone who have perfect understanding of the unpredictable terrain of psychological wilderness as well as the inner imaginal realm.

A certified Jungian psychoanalyst must have gone through the rigors of the Jungian training programs. In the end, he or she becomes a licensed mental health professional and accredited by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). You are guaranteed peace of mind knowing you are working with a reputable Jungian psychoanalysis professional that has perfect understanding of the entire therapeutic process.


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