How to choose an egg donation agency?

How to choose an egg donation agency?

If you are looking for a compassionate Asian egg donor agency, you should approach an experienced platform. It is necessary for you to know the screening system incorporated by the leading agencies for egg donation. The foremost egg donation agencies provide necessary support to the infertile community. People who register in these agencies as donors undergo screening for any sort of disease and other issues leading to glitches in the long run. Before you choose an egg donation agency, it is important for you to know how safe the eggs are. You may have a consultation with the professionals at the agency to assess the authentication of their screening process.

A reputed agency screens the donors in the following process:

Profile of the donors

First of all, when the Asian donor eggs approach the agencies to donate eggs, they are screened for their health conditions. The donors are generally between 20 to 29 years of age. Non-smokers are preferred in most of the reputed egg donation agencies. The professionals at the agencies take a note of their weight, medical history, blood group and other health aspects.

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Health tests

When the profile matches with the criteria of the agencies, they conduct necessary tests to ensure that the donors do not have any health issue. These include a physical exam, screening for drug use, genetic abnormalities, STD’s and other examinations. Their partners are also screened for any sort of disease that may have been transmitted to the donors.

Psychological screening

The donors who pass the health tests undergo psychological screening. The agency verifies whether the Asian egg donors are aware of the commitment involved in the process. They also assess their motives behind donating their eggs. The egg donors undergo extensive screening for emotional issues and other disorders before they are registered. The reputed egg donation agencies also take their commitment, pleasant personality and general behaviour into account.

After these processes are over, the professionals check their background for legal issues.

When the recipients contact the agencies, the professionals ask them about the type of donors they prefer. Accordingly, they pair up the donor and recipient. A complete retainer package is developed and a personal case manager coordinates the cycle. After the testing and medication process is over, eggs are retrieved.

When you get across to the right agency, the chance of health issues in your child is massively cut down. Contact a reputed egg donation agency where sophisticated screening eliminates every chance of genetic problem in your child.

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