Get the help of experts in Morton’s neuroma

Get the help of experts in Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma occurs when any nerve of the foot gets pressed or pinched. For initial symptoms, it gives a tingling sensation which you feel for a long time. It can also cause pain and swelling in your foot. The main source of this problem is wearing narrow or high heel shoes which force the bones of your foot to press the nerves which can lead to the extreme pain and can cost you a visit to the specialist.

How to get rid of this problem?

This problem is also caused by running or walking barefoot. This problem can occur to various sportspersons too during the game which can lead them to serious injuries and then surgeries afterwards. There are many centers available near you which can help you with treatment of this problem.

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If you are also feeling the same problem then you can take the help of the experts who will be treating you in several ways in order to reduce the pain and preventing it further. The center for Morton’s neuroma provides you with many facilities and services which are surely safe and useful for you. These specialists help you by suggesting you exercises which are helpful to remove this problem and any kind of medication which is required. There are several therapies also done which are used to get rid of this problem such as;

  • Shock wave therapy- In this therapy an extracorporeal pulse activation technology is used by the experts. This device produces shock waves on that area of your foot which is suffered by the problem. The waves help the nerves to get relief from the pain.
  • Corticosteroid injections- The injections of corticosteroid are also used by the professionals if the shockwave therapy does not work. They inject corticosteroid in that particular nerve which is currently suffering the pain. These injections are not used as primary solution because corticosteroid can be risky for many people.

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