Frequently Asked Questions About Clexane 40 MG

Frequently Asked Questions About Clexane 40 MG

What is Clexane?

Clexane 40mg/0.4ml is commonly referred to as Clexane and it is administered for the treatment of too much clotting of blood and after a heart attack. In normal circumstances, the dose is 40mg or 20mg per day and it depends on the risk of developing a clot. For those with medium risk, they are supposed to take the 20mg while for higher blood clotting risk, 40mg dose per day is recommended.

An injection is normally given 2 hours prior to a medical operation for patients with a low risk, and 12 hours before the operation for high-risk patients.

What is the right dosage after a heart attack?

Clexane 40 MG Injection is used for two types of heart attacks namely the STEMI and NSTEMI. The dosage depends on the type of heart attack and the age of the patient. For the NSTEMI type of heart attack, the usual rate is 1mg for 1kg of weight after every 12 hours. The drug is taken 2-8 days in conjunction with aspirin. In case of the STEMI heart attack,

What are the precautions?

Patients cannot take Clexane 40mg/0.4ml under the following circumstances:

  1. Allergies: those who are hypersensitive to the ingredients of Clexane e.g. enoxaparin sodium cannot have this drug. Even the slightest allergic symptoms do not allow the use of this medicine e.g. breathing issues, rashes, swelling etc.
  2. Bleeding issues
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Heart infection
  5. Kidney problems
  6. Stomach ulcers
  7. A recent brain or eye operation
  8. Stroke- specifically the one caused by brain bleeding
  9. When using heparin for blood clot treatment
  10. 75 years old and above
  11. Underweight/overweight
  12. Ongoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention operation

Another precaution is to inform the doctor of any medicine that you are taking including over-the-counter drugs and herbal medicines. Clexane interferes with how drugs work and vice versa.

How can I give myself an injection?

The doctor will show you first, so don’t do it if you are untrained. Before you inject yourself, check the expiry date to see if it has not expired. Then, make sure that the syringe is not damaged and that the drug is a clear solution. Understand the dosage and check your abdomen to make sure that you don’t have any abnormal skin color. In case of redness, swelling, pain, and fluid oozing, consult your doctor first. You don’t have to inject yourself the same point you did last time. Note that it is a subcutaneous injection (under your stomach skin, 5cm away from the belly button or a scar). Do it with clean hands and the injection area should be cleansed too and dried. Be in a comfortable position and relax. Make sure that you can see what you’re doing. Consider propping yourself with a bed pillow or sit on a recliner chair.

You have been given the Clexane 40mg but don’t understand why. If you have any questions, speak to your pharmacist or doctor. Hopefully, this article has helped you clarify some facts.

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