Considering Options for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Prognosis for individuals with pancreatic cancer depends on several factors, including entrusting ongoing care to a specialist with expertise in treating cancer of the pancreas. The fact that pancreatic cancer is one of the more difficult cancers to treat potentially leads some patients and their family members to assume there is little chance for successful pancreas cancer treatment. However, recent advances in treatment gives hope to individuals and better potential outcomes, including advanced treatments that require less invasive methods of treating cancer of the pancreas.

Need For Advances In Treatments Realized

Lack of positive outcomes in treating pancreatic cancer led researchers and physicians with expertise in diagnosing and treating cancer of the pancreas to consider available options and to attempt to develop new treatment methods.

The fact that this is a cancer that often lacks symptoms in its early stages and unlike some other cancers, physicians cannot detect pancreatic cancer simply on exam, leads to some understanding regarding difficulties in diagnosing and treating it.

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Dr. Anton Bilchik, world-renowned surgeon and scientist, recognized as a pioneer in staging and approaches to treating pancreatic cancer, is considered a leading specialist in surgical oncology in the United States. Dr. Bilchik and his team have the expertise to help patients and family members understand a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and the treatment options, including modern-day advances in pancreas cancer treatment.

Is An Advanced Treatment The Right Option For Me?

Using the latest techniques to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer with the most advanced treatment therapies available, every individual entrusting their care to the expertise of Dr. Bilchik receives the ideal care for their condition. Factors that help determine treatment include your age and overall health, your personal preferences regarding treatment and type and stage of pancreatic cancer.

As Professor of Surgery and Chief of Medicine at John Wayne Cancer Institute, Dr. Bilchik has the specialized knowledge to develop a personalized pancreas cancer treatment plan, specifically to help give you the best results, given your specific condition and needs. Some individuals benefit from one type of treatment or a combination of treatments, including medications, external radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, including minimally invasive approaches.

Dr. Bilchik is a noted pioneer in minimally invasive surgical techniques, one of his known research areas of special interest. With these qualifications, he has the expertise to determine if a minimally invasive procedure is an ideal approach to utilize in treating your pancreatic cancer when considering your individualized treatment plan. This is a potential treatment approach for some individuals. Dr. Bilchik discusses your treatment options with you and answers all your questions about those options. You work together to help achieve the best results for treating your pancreatic cancer.


Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in Los Angeles

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